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The Fusionary Tales is about my journey and travels through India that led me to falling in love with Ayurveda and all the self-care rituals I practice today. 

When I was a little girl, we visited India for a few months each summer. 

I was always shocked by the sights, sounds, and smells of India. My mind couldn’t reckon with this poverty-stricken and diametrically opposite world I visited every summer versus the American lifestyle I returned to for the other nine months. Year after year, I became accustomed to this way of life and I considered India my second home.

In this story-filled journey I share my windy road to Ayurveda and how in the end, Ayurveda saved me, made me a believer, and is why I’m here today teaching its golden nuggets to you. 

What's Inside the Book

  • Over 30 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes
  • Learn the Ayurvedic Superfoods
  • Enjoy the Cuisines & Flavors of India
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